1 = 60

1 garbage truck load is equal to 60 clean hydrogen fueled city buses.


the current global hydrogen production can be unlocked from disposed organic wastes, all while eliminating methane emissions.


purity of hydrogen delivered, meeting the specification for fuel cell vehicles, like heavy duty trucks.

Our Hydrogen

H Cycle produces net-zero carbon hydrogen using our innovative waste conversion process.

Hydrogen is an important input to many existing industrial processes, including refining, ammonia/fertilizer, and petrochemicals. Reducing the carbon footprint of hydrogen helps to decarbonize these hard-to-abate sectors.

In the transportation sector, hydrogen is an emerging fuel with applications in heavy duty trucking, rail locomotives, and aviation.  When combusted, it results in zero emissions other than water vapor.

Hydrogen as an enabler of the energy transition

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    We offer hydrogen at a delivered cost that is directly competitive today with conventional fossil fuel approaches, without the need for tremendous scale up of the hydrogen economy.

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    Low-Carbon Premium

    H Cycle’s process can access carbon markets, monetizing the low-carbon attributes and supporting the goals of states and fuel providers.

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    Low Environmental Footprint

    Since organic and biomass wastes act as our renewable hydrogen source, we produce a low-footprint hydrogen without the need for substantial energy to drive our process.

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    High Product Value

    High purity hydrogen is far more valuable and more aligned with science-based targets than renewable natural gas and electric power, two common products from waste-to-energy technologies.

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